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Wireless Dog Fence

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This electronic Wireless Dog Fence is the most reliable and safest way to keep your pet inside your yard's boundaries. Unlike many other types of electronic dog fence systems, this model does not require any wires or cables to set the perimeter, which saves you the hassle of digging underground.

Centred around the transmitter, the remote control can reach a radius of up to 300 meters and covers up to 28 hectares. In this large space, your dog can play freely and safely without you worrying about them getting lost or stepping out onto the road. 

There are two different versions of this product, the JXG0054, which works with a DC plug, or the JXG0055, which is battery operated.

You don’t need to bury the wire. Collar & transmitter get paired automatically once both being turned on.

Transmitter and collar are both rechargeable. You can easily take the wireless fence system along on a weekend trip and use it in a strange location for your puppy.
The adjustable collar is lightweight and works for pets of all sizes. It allows you to create a perfect fit for your pet and it works at low pressure, so no need to worry about harming the dog's hair and skin.

Main Features:
- Perfect to train your dogs outdoors and keep them safe
- Range of up to 300m
- If the dog strays outside of the control range, a warning tone and a light electrostatic shock is implemented
- 5 different distance transmitter signals
- One transmitter supports multi-collar receivers (up to 3 dogs)
- Waterproof and rechargeable receiver collar
- Reflective tape fluorescent TPU, increased safety at night
- Transmitter with rechargeable battery (optional with rechargeable battery when ordering)