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Temango™ Pet Water Fountain - Dog Water Fountain - Cat Water Fountain

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Grab this Pet Water Fountain - Dog Water Fountain - Cat Water Fountain today!

This Pet Water Fountain is equipped with an indicator light so it is easily visible when the dispenser is on. Should the water dispenser ever be short of water, you will see a red indicator light. Once the water has been replenished, the water dispenser will resume normal.


The pet water fountain is equipped with 3 replacement filters, each composed of a cotton layer, coconut shell activated carbon and an ion exchange resin. They form a triple filtration system to prevent your pets from getting sick. The upgraded pet fountain includes an added pre-filter sponge around the pump to better filter impurities and extends the pumps life.

Pet Water Fountain - Dog Water Fountain - Cat Water Fountain Features:

  • Equipped with LED, which you can see the water level.
  • Made of PP resin material, eco-friendly, non-toxic, odourless and durable.
  • Simple quick-release structure design for easy disassembly and cleaning.
  • With a cotton activated carbon filter, this stop pets hair and debris getting into the water, and remove any impurities and odour from the water

Material PP resin
Capacity 2.4L (80oz)
Input voltage 100~240V, 50/60hz, 0.15a;
Output voltage 5V,1A;
Power 1.5W 
Shell Color Grey, Blue
Light Color Blue
Wire length 1.8 m
Function With LED night light; Automatic power-off function with water shortage
Recommended pet type Cats and Medium/small dogs
Size (L) x (W) x (H) 180 x 180 x 130 mm / 7 x 7 x 5 inch (appr.)
Charger Plug Type US (We will be based on your country to send the corresponding adapter plug)


  1. 1 X Cat Drink Feeder
  2. 1 X Water Pump
  3. 1 X Charger
  4. 1 X English Manual