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Tattoo machine 2 guns tattoo machine set kit w/ LCD power supply tattoo color inks

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No matter you are just breaking into the tattoo industry or you have been a veteran and just want to start your tattoo business. This basic but professional tattoo machine kit with necessary supplies at such affordable price is a must option for you. It is a complete equipment for starters and professional enough for your business work. You do not have to change the whole set of your equipment when you improved your skills. It is a most money saving kit that you can easily upgrade the whole kit class by adding some basic supplies or buying more professional guns as your business and profits grow.


  • Brand new in box and ready to ship.
  • Affordable professional collection, suitable for all level tattoo artist and starters.
  • Complete kit with disposal supplies, perfect for apprentice and home visiting business.
  • 360 degree convenient foot switch


  • Beginners should practice under the supervision of an experienced tattoo artist.
  • Please do a skin allergy test for your clients before tattooing.
  • Please read the tattoo safety and care manual carefully before tattooing.

Clip Cord
● 1 x High Quality Tattoo Machine Grip
● 5x Bottle Of Tattoo Inks
● 10 xPcs High Quality Pre Made Sterile Tattoo Needles
● 10 x Disposable Tips (5M1,5Rt)
● 10 xTattoo Ink Cups
● 10xGrommet Keep Needle Steady
● 10 xRubber Bands Avoide Machine
● 10 xO-Ring Sure Spring Smooth
● 3 xAdjustment Tool Set For Machine
● 1x Cleaning Brush Set
● 1xMachine Cover And 1Pc Clip Cord Cover
● 1x After Care Cream
● 1x Transfer Paper
● 1x Practice Skin
?6?7 ● 1x Pair of Gloves