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Speed Trap 2.0 - Perfect Your Draw, Fade and Straight Shot

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Hit it Longer, Hit it Straighter!

Most golfers are frustrated with lousy shots and have no idea how to fix them. The Speed Trap guides you to a swing that creates good shots in 3 steps. Golf is exciting and fun again!
With this new 2.0 version you get the rod tethers built into the strongest base ever and upgraded design points throughout.Weve learned a lot and you are going to love it!
We know how disappointing it is to look forward to your round of golf, and then be frustrated by hitting horrible shots swing after swing.
2.0 ends your confusion and restores your confidence.

What's New With 2.0?

Wider to make it easier for your Driver
Tethers - in case you hit a guide rod it will stay close for your next swing
Larger velcro to keep the rods in place over-and-over again
Longer slot to give more room for you to trap the ball
Brighter alignment stripe for your eyes to see the intended line
Carry bag with a zippered pouch to hold your rods and tethers

Cause of Slices & Hooks

There are a lot of theories about creating ball flight. Lets keep it simple: It is ultimately about spin. If the ball spins right-to-left, it will move right-to-left in the air.
Square club face at impact, and a slightly inside-out path will create this draw spin.
The Speed Trap is your guide.

Cure the Slice, Hit a Draw

Is your slice making you crazy? Lets fix it fast!
Set the rods up like this: Set your feet closed to the target line and the club face square to the target. Make swings between the rods.
Start with a tee, then a ball.
You got this!

Stop the Hook, Hit a Fade

Set the rods up like this, to let the club swing a little outside-in.
Set your feet open to the target line and the club face square to the target. Make swings between the rods.
The ball will spin left to right and create the fade.
The more severe the stance, the more the ball will curve.


A well-executed chip shot saves a lot of strokes. It demands solid contact and accurate direction. Move the ball back for more backspin, and forward for more roll.


High, soft pitches that land dead are useful and beautiful. Push the ball position a little forward. Sweep the club through the ball with a less descending strike. The Speed Trap prevents the hands from scooping the ball into the air.

Bunkers: Green and Fairway

Bunkers can be intimidating. The Speed Trap helps you miss the base, hit the sand.
Move ball position forward for green side explosion shots or ball position back a little for fairway bunker play. You'll be amazed!

Installing the Tethers

The Tethers are attached with Velcro, simply attach them to the base, depending on the shot you are practicing which will determine the direction you want to them to face.