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RotoWrench - Universal Steel Socket Wrench Extender

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Reach Better, Work Safer!

Weve all been there: Were removing nuts and bolts and as soon as we think were done, we realize that theres a couple more left - on the sides, where access space is tight and almost impossible to reach. Now, as usual, we go into awkward and uncomfortable positions just to be able to move those nuts! Worse, we can only rotate the nuts in multiple short cycles too! For us, a familiar thought comes to mind; there must be an easier way!

Introducing the RotoWrench- this is the only tool you need to reach those fasteners in tight spaces. You can now have easier access to those lug nuts and rotate them with ease!

How It Works:

When working with complex machines, different parts are on top of each other making it difficult or impossible to access their fasteners. With cars as an example, when you open the hood, you wouldnt want to take them out parts by parts! Usually, mechanics use an ordinary wrench extender - but thats not the most practical tool!

With RotoWrenchit does exactly what ordinary wrench extender can do. The only difference is that you can use an impact gun to make your work faster and more efficient! Now you dont have to worry about wasting most of your energy to budge that stubborn bolt!

RotoWrenchextends your reach so you can work more comfortably without the risk of touching any hot objects! Why make mechanical work harder than it should?Pick one up today for up to 40% off! Plus, get free shipping for a limited time!


  • Material: Industrial-Grade Hardened Polyethylene

  • Length: 8 inches (~20 centimeters) - 3/8" Socket

  • Package Includes: Item ONLY

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