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Roller trade Double Ab Wheel Full Body Workout From Home

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Roller double wheel full body workout exercises from home kit with knee pads, resistance bands!


Get A Full Body Body Workout - FROM HOME!

Forgetexpensive gym memberships.Forgetheavy,bulky, andexpensivehome gym equipment that takes up a ton of space in your home.

The roller Wheel gives you a full body workout from home! It's like getting a full gym workout right in the comfort of your own home...

...at only afractionof the cost and without taking up barelyanyspace!

The roller wheel comes with exercises that allow you to strengthen and tone your s, chest,shoulders, arms, back, waist, legs and more!



EFFECTIVE Full Body Workout In The Comfort of Home

With your new roller wheel, you have everything you need to target solutely every muscle group in your body.

You don't need a gym, and you don't need gym equipment in your home to be healthy, strong and fit. Best of all, you don't need to spend an arm and a leg.

With over 40 variations of fitness action, the roller wheel comes equipped with enough exercises to toneall the muscles in your body, get you fit and healthy within minimal time and cost, all while keeping you challenged and excited to try something new every time!



 Roller wheel full body workout from home device comes equipped with 5 buckles for you to adjust the strength and power of the resistance to your comfort and needs. Eliminate restrictions - go easy or go hard!





Easily Store And Carry: Workout Wherever You Desire

In fact, your full body workouts don't need to be limited to your home either! They certainly can be, but because your new Roller wheel is so portle and easy to carry around, you can literally workout wherever you desire and whenever you want!



Higher Quality MeansMore Comfort & Better Results

Don't settle for cheap imitations. It won't be worth the pain and suffering you will endure in the long run. Only the Roller offers you an roller workout at such a high qualitymade from soft, anti-slip, sweat sorbing materials for maximum comfort, safety, and durility.



So don't delay any longer! Get your Wheel and roller exercises to workout from home NOW while the store discount is still on!

Remember, gym memberships can cost you more than the price of Roller wheel every single month. Not only that, but many Americans are too busy to get to the gym 4-5 times per week as it becomes such a hassle.

The Roller wheel can be conveniently used in your own home, on your own time!


  • S + PP + EVA


  • Strip length: 35-95 cm (stretched)
  • Board size: 42 x 14 x 4.5 cm
  • Worksand tones each upper muscle group and domen.
  • Strengthens s, shoulders, arms, back, waist, legs and more.
  • 5-speed power resistance traction rope grip handles.
  • 40 variations of fitness action so you'll always be challenged & having fun!
  • Super elastic& strong traction rope.
  • Color: Green, Black