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Protective Mirror of Truth Obsidian Sphere

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"You never find yourself until you face the truth."
-- Pearl Bailey

It takes courage and audacity to face the truth about one's self. Having support to do such is a great relief. The Obsidian stone is a powerful talisman of those who seek their own truth.

The natural black obsidian stone made from the rapid cooling of volcanic lava, also called "mirror stone" reveals the truth about one's self of those who dare to find their inner being, shadows, demons, fears, flaws and subconscious. It helps the exploration of unresolved issues and dark attitudes prohibiting spiritual growth. 

The use of this obsidian stone as a 'mirror' must be accompanied or done by people who are educated by its power. 

It is also a great protective stone shielding the aura and mind from negative energies within the self and the environment. 

Delicately polished by master artisans, the natural Protective Mirror of Truth Obsidian Sphere is an excellent decorative piece that helps you seek your inner truth and protects you from negative energies. 

Place it near the north area and never place it on the floor to block negative energy coming in and increase its protective property.


✔️Material: Obsidian Stone
✔️Product diameter: 60mm, 70mm, 80mm
✔️Colour: Black
✔️Shape: Spherical

Are you in search of your true self?  Grab the Protective Mirror of Truth Obsidian Sphere now and be guided as you seek your inner being!

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