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Personal water filter outdoor portable water purifier

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⭐This water filter is a must-carry tool for hiking, camping, travel, and emergencies; no disaster kit is complete without it
⭐Provide convenient, safe and clean outdoor drinking water
⭐Super water purification capacity: Under normal circumstances, at least 1000 liters/264 gallons of water can be filtered
⭐Remove at least 99.86% of E. coli
⭐Remove at least 99.9% of aquatic parasitic protozoa
⭐ Reduce turbidity: can filter out particles of about 0.2 microns
⭐Pure physical purification
⭐High water flow
⭐No power/battery or replacement parts

Size: 30*200mm/1.18"x7.87"

Weight: 75g/0.17"

Package included:
1 x water filter