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Multifunctional light breakfast machine & sandwich and toast plate

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Make hot, hearty breakfast, lunch or dinner sandwiches in 5 minutes or less!

In just five minutes, your breakfast sandwich is ready to eat. Browse more than 25 sandwich recipes on our website, from traditional eggs, ham and cheese, to more unique options such as cheddar, apple, bacon and egg croissant sandwiches. All detachable parts can be washed in a dishwasher; the surface is covered with a durable non-stick coating.

product information:

  1. Product material: Breakfast machine and accessories are cold rolled steel plates.
  2. Rated voltage: 110V,
  3. Size: L248*W221*H133 (mm);
  4. Product package: standard sandwich plate and small frying pan
  5. Product structure: the left side serving area can be warmed and fried; the right light area can be grilled or fried
  1. Amulti-functional breakfast machine, multiple uses. Can be used for frying/roasting/steaming/warming/
  2. Combination cuisine, which can be matched with various foods
  3. Manipulation in different areas, simultaneously, high efficiency
  4. Special material, non-stick oil, easy to clean
  5. Mini storage, not taking up space

    Compact design: The space-saving three-in-one design is ideal for small kitchens, apartments, dormitories, campers/RVs
    Compact, easy to carry and versatile, you can prepare different foods at the same time to satisfy your pursuit of food.