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MagneCharge 360 Degree Magnetic Cable

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No More Uncomfortably Using Your Phone While Charging!

Ultra Magnet Charging Power! MagneCharge is created with strong magnet that will securely and steadily hold your phone to give your device a safe, fall-proof charging experience!

Charge Your Phone The Durable Way! You might be damaging your phone just by pluggingwithtraditional charging cables! With MagneCharge,you don't have to unplug the adaptor constantly! Build-in flashlight enables you to charge quickly even in the dark!

Charge And Use However You Want! MagneCharge is designed to give you a maximum mobility and ergonomic holding comfort with using your device while charging with the 360 free rotation and the 180 bending tip!

Ultimate Speed Transfer! Equipped with USB 3.0 transferral speed, you can charge and transfer your data with the maximum efficiency!

Universal Compatibilty! MagneCharge comes with different adaptors, including Type-C, Lightning and Micro USB, so you can charge absolutely any devices! All with the same cable!

Break-Proof Cable Build!Fortified nylon braided wire exterior provides thecopper wires with the maximum protection, making it more durable than ever!


  • Materials: Premium Nylon and Copper
  • Length: 2M
  • Color: Black, Red, Silver
  • Applicability: Type-C, Lightning, Micro USB

Package Includes:

    • 1*MagneCharge 360 Degree Magnetic Cable
    • 1* Adaptor
    • 1*MagneCharge 360 Degree Magnetic Cable
    • 3* Adaptor