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International Multifunction Power Adapter Travel 4 Plugs | Credvita

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Name: global communication conversion plug, travel plug, plug converter
Applicable voltage: 100v-250v
Customs Code: 8536690000
Proofing: 3-5 days
Executive standard: GB 2099.3-2015
Socket power: Max 6.3a1500w
Product model: sl-199-4u-6
Quality certification: CE / EMC / RoHS / FCC / LVD
Socket hole location: 8 (Multi Country combined type)
applicable countries and regions: International 150++
USB output: 5v3.4a
Regular color: black, white, black, blue, black, green, black and other colors are customized. Please contact the manufacturer!
Appearance patent No.: zl201630357430.9 / utility model patent No.: zl201621030652.0 counterfeit must be investigated!
This product can be used for traveling abroad, business investigation, studying abroad and visiting relatives and friends. It can be used as an electronic gift to present relatives and friends, reflecting care, and is a good choice for electronic gifts!
Note: This product is not suitable for some African regions (the socket output of this product is not convertible voltage: for example, 110V to 220V or 220V to 110V does not have this function, and the AC output of this socket is subject to the local voltage output). See the details below for more details!