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Intelligent Air Pressure Eye Massager

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  1. Comfortable and relaxing eye massager withfour massage modes: air pressure, infrared heating, frequency vibration andmusic.
  2. It can improve blood circulation, relievestension and reduces wrinkles, puffy eyes and dark circles under the eyes.
  3. Applicable to those who are myopia, presbyopia,amblyopia, insomnia, also applicable to stay up late, excessive use of eyes.
  4. ABS shell is durable and easy to clean, andsoft plush material on the inside is healthy, comfortable and safe to wear.
  5. Intelligent air pressure massage, infraredheating massage, frequency vibration massage, music massage, stimulating theblood circulation, relieving the nerve, reducing the appearance of wrinkles,pouch, black eyes, completely relax body and mind.
  6. Elastic buckle and spandex strap can beadjusted according to the size of your head.
  7. 180 ° folding design conforms to the facecontour and suitable for fat and thin face.
  8. Only one button with LED light, easy tooperate.
  9. Built-in rechargeable battery, wireless eyemassager, let you get rid of wire fault when using.
  10. It can effectively relieve eye fatigue,dryness, eye distension, mental fatigue and protect eyesight.


Item Name: Eye Massager

Hot compress temperature: 42 degrees

Battery capacity: 1200mAh

Massage principle: Air pressure/hotcompress/vibration/music

Plug: US

Size: Approx. 20*8cm/7.87*3.15in

Weight: Approx.698g/24.62oz

Package List:

1 * Eye Massager

1 * USB Cable

1 * Plug

1 * Manual