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Insulated Flame Retardant Heat Shrinkable Tube

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Main Features

    Conform to UL224, CSA C22.2, RoHS standard, and Sony-SS-00259 standard. Electrical heat shrink tubing material composition does not contain heavy metal and other environmentally hazardous substances. No slowly or long-term virulence. No need to worry about your health when using heat shrink wrap.
    Excellent flame retardant (UL 224, VW-1) and insulation performance. Soft and flexible wire shrink wrap, low shrinkage temperature-minimum shrinkage temp: +158H(+70C), fast shrinkage, easy and convenient to use with a heat gun.
    This heat tube shrink has the advantages of good tightness, acid and alkali resistance, durable and anti-aging. Shrinkwrap wire tensile strength: 14 Mpa. Dielectric strength: >20kV/mm. Elongation at break: >400%. Volume resistivity: >1.0 10^14.cm. Cold-resistant bending -22H(-30 C) 1h without cracking. Use heat shrink tubes instead of ugly and short-lived electric tape.
    Covers all gauges of heat shrink wires you'll need in RC hobbies and many other applications. This heat shrink tubing assortment is mainly used in wire connection, rust prevention and corrosion protection of solder joints, protection and insulation processing of wire end, wiring harness and electronic components. It also works well for protecting headphones and phone cables.
    6 colors heat shrink tubing including White, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, well organized in a storage box for easy access and carry.

Usage Scenarios

  • It is suitable for electrical insulation, wire bundling, color coding, mechanical protection, wire/cable joints, and daily repairs, etc.

    Using Methods


    • Polyolefin
    • White, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green
    Package Contents
      • 164PCS OPP
      • 1 x 40mm (Yellow/Black/Red/Green) 60
      • 2 x 40mm (Yellow/Black/Red/Blue) 30
      • 3 x 40mm (Yellow/Black/Red/Green) 20
      • 4 x 40mm (Yellow/Black/Red/Blue) 16
      • 6 x 40mm (Yellow/Black/Red/Green) 12
      • 8 x 80mm (Yellow/Black/Red/Blue) 10
      • 10 x 80mm (Yellow/Black/Red/Green) 8
      • 14 x 80mm (Yellow/Black/Red/Blue) 8
      • 140PCS BOX
      • 2 x 30mm (White/Black/Yellow/Red/Green) 50
      • 3 x 65mm (White/Black/Yellow/Red/Green) 25
      • 4 x 65mm (White/Black/Yellow/Red/Green) 15
      • 5 x 65mm (White/Black/Yellow/Red/Green) 10
      • 6 x 65mm (White/Black/Yellow/Red/Green) 10
      • 8 x 90mm (White/Black/Yellow/Red/Blue) 15
      • 10 x 90mm ((White/Black/Yellow/Red/Blue) 15


    • Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.
    • Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed on the picture.