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Giant Inflatable Pink Flamingo Pool Float

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Do you still remember the first time you tried to swim with the inflatable tube or a noodle? Haha... Those old memories. Now you can float with this Fabulous Pink Flamingo. The most stylish floating partner ever.

The float fits two adults, and is ready to take a dip right out of the box – simply inflate with any standard air pump. Plus, for each float purchased, manufacturer Funboy provides one year of clean drinking water to a person in the developing world. Made from ultra-durable PVC.

Works well for adults and kids. Easily noticeable in the water so you can keep your eye on the kiddos at all times. Kids love it, because they can float in a pack with all their best friends. 

Perfect for your romantic getaway as well. Just mount the flamingo with your honey and enjoy the blissful drift.

New models available! Including floatable Pizza & Swan!

Where do you want to take your new float partner?