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Folding Mosquito Net

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It's that time of year again where these annoying pests are flying around the house. Not to mention the health hazard that they bring. Get to wake up without a single mosquito bite with our Folding Mosquito Net

With the use of the Folding Mosquito Net, you'll get to reduce electricity consumption from electric insect repellents. Reduce the risk from harmful side effects for toxic sprays and insecticides too! 

Folding Mosquito Net is easy to assemble and disassemble. This makes it perfect for your bedroom or for when you're camping. Get the comfortable and insect-free sleep that you deserve. 

Mosquito Repellent - By simply installing the Folding Mosquito Net on your bed, you get to prevent not just mosquito bites but from all kinds of insects. This will surely give you the comfortable sleep that you deserve. 

Fresh Air Circulation - The Folding Mosquito Net's holes are designed to be so small that not even the tiniest mosquito can get in but can still maintain and give you a fresh air circulation while you sleep. 

Foldable - You can unfold and fold the Folding Mosquito Net easily. That means you can assemble and disassemble it in a matter of seconds. Plus, storage won't be a problem too. This is indeed perfect for indoor and outdoor situations. 

Reduce Toxic Sprays - The Folding Mosquito Net gets rid of mosquitos totally and gives you no reason to still use harmful toxic sprays and insecticides that can cause unpredictable side effects.  


  • Materials: Polyester
  • Colors: Blue / Pink
  • Size: 96cm x 48cm x 56cm


  • 1 x Folding Mosquito Net