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Electric Vibration Beauty Board

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Electric Vibration Beauty Board help you massage the skin to achieve the effect of lifting tight.


  1. Micro current with special design scraping board can be very good fit the skin, help you massage the face or body to achieve the effect of lifting tight.
  2. Excellent pulling smooth skin machine rad design, with the massage cream essence is the use of a goods relaxation process.
  3. Used together with the beauty essence to the skin deeply, promote collagen regeneration and blood circulation, improve fine lines and wrinkles.


  • Red light: warm massage mode, 12,000 vibration per minute, about 45 degrees of thermal temperature.
  • Blue light: massage vibration mode, 8500 vibrations per minute, to help skin care better and faster absorption.

How To Use:

  1. Apply skin care products to face.
  2. Select the suitable mode according to personal need.
  3. Press the acupuncture points to relieve muscle tension.
  4. Seamlessly fit facial skin, scrub and face from the bottom to up, shape your face solidly.