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Two mosquito repellents

It is an electric mosquito bat and a mosquito repellent lamp.It can be used for two purposes.Support for manual mosquito control/intelligent physics

Physical killing of mosquitoes

The purple mosquito trap USES 6 LED beads with wavelength of 368, 360-degree light source and 3000V power grid, truly realizing no blind area

The built-in 360-400nm ultraviolet LED beads can also be used as mosquito repellent lamps.When the trap mode is switched on at night, the light, which is specifically designed to target mosquitoes, triggers their phototaxis, attracting them to the high-voltage racquet and commit suicide.This kind of light harms the eyes, there is no radiation, and it is safe for human body.3000V instant high voltage, strong mosquito killing fast, accurate, ruthless, mosquitoes have no place to escape

Working light

Battery indicator light

When the light is on, the power is 25%,

The power is 50%. When the two lights come on,

When three lights come on, the power supply is 75%,

Charge 100% when four lights are on

01. Capacity of 1200mAh lithium battery

02. 4-hour mosquito killing mode

3. 3-4 hours charging time

Name: Lithium battery electric mosquito bat

Battery capacity: lithium battery 1200mAh

Racket voltage: ≈DC3000V

Input interface: USB

Product size: 540x220 (mm) (including base)

Light source: 360-400nm L.E.D

Rated power: 2W

Material: Enclosure --ABS

Charging input: DC5V-1A

Weight: 360 g material


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