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Cat Scratcher Board,cat toy,high quality wood product

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Cats love to scratch even if they don’t have a post to do it. This means that they’ll find something else to scratch with their claws, often your precious furniture. Store Lucca brings you “Cat Scratcher Board” that’ll take care of all the scratches. Just lure your cat for scratching at this Cat Scratcher Board by putting up some sign, or treat. It’ll help you save a lot of mess, improve your cat’s health, and add discipline in its behavior. It can be the perfect gift for all your cat-owning friends and family.

Product Features:

  • Scratching helps your cat shed loose layers from her claws
  • Scratching is very satisfying for cats. This helps them stay emotionally healthy and happy
  • Great for protecting your furniture from damage
  • An absolute necessary item for all cat owners
  • Best Gift for any cat owner you know

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Wood
  • Application: To be mounted on the door or wall etc.