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Car Electric Massage Waist Pillow

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Sports red wine electric massage lumbar
Most of the friends who drive every day sometimes feel a sore back, and it is true that long-term driving is easy to cause soreness and damage to the waist. Now you can use the electric comfort massage lumbar pad to enjoy a comfortable waist massage whether you are driving or in the car, reducing back fatigue and muscle tension, while promoting microcirculation. Other occupants in the car can also enjoy a caring massage at home.


According to the human body mechanics, the front with a large number of original massage cylinder, built-in vibration starter, leaning on the waist, with massage function, is conducive to human blood circulation.
Correct the back posture and keep the waist relaxed during sedentary.

Connected to the car DC 12V power supply, the vibration speed of the lumbar support can be freely adjusted, with a line control switch.
The product is equipped with elastic band, can be directly placed on the seat, easy to use.
Cigarette lighter line length of 1.5 meters, for all models.

Product Features:

Improve blood circulation and accelerate the body's metabolism.

Built-in far-infrared heating film, which makes the body warm.

Promote the smooth flow of the body's meridians, relieve muscle soreness.

Product specification:

Color: black red line, black white line, beige, gray 

Material: Microfiber PU leather

Input voltage: DC12V, with 2 speed control function

Net weight: 500g

Gross weight: 530g

Package: PVC with paper card, single package

Suitable for models: universal (recommended for one car with two)


Connect the cigarette lighter hole on the car and start working.
Suitable for models: universal (recommended for one car with two)
Note: Confirm that the installation location does not affect the driver's driving