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Magic T-shirts Waterproof

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Can you imagine an ideal approved water shirt ?
Prodsolving presents you These Magic T-shirts are very breathable, they offer a very simple wash since they can be washed like any other garment, also by repelling liquids, they do not penetrate inside the fiber of the fabric, so they do not stain.

it can adhere to them and that later turns out to be difficult to eliminate; In fact, if we ever get dirty, we can instantly remove the stain by simply moistening it with water or with a wave of the hand, thus avoiding having to spend the day in a dirty shirt when we don't have spare clothes on hand. .


Magic T-shirts hydrophobic shirts have passed numerous tests, being really effective with most of the fluids that we can find in our daily life. 

Made with a water-repellent microfiber material, these short-sleeved shirts are perfect for all kinds of seasons, but especially for the hottest moments thanks to their high level of breathability,   

it should be noted that they are made of a fabric that It repels water but it is not waterproof, so in front of large amounts of liquid they will get wet, however, its microfiber material allows drying to be much faster