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Beer Foaming Mug

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Whether it¡¯s served in a pint glass or an oversized mug, a beer just isn¡¯t a beer without the proper beer head!This frothy foam layer does more than just apply a temporary mustache; it¡¯s a whipped up infusion of wort protein, carbohydrates, polyphenol and isohumulone, the chemicals responsible for the bitterness in hops.

That¡¯s why beer is most refreshing and delicious with some foam on top ¡ª so what do you do when it¡¯s all gone? No need to worry! We've got the Beer Foaming Mugthatre-foams your beer with thesimple click of a button. Now,you can enjoy a fresh foamy head from the first refreshing sip to the last delicious drop. Cheers!

The Beer Foaming Mug would make the perfect gift for the Beer Connoisseur in your life!