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You can work out at home without going to the gym

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How about working out your upper body at home?

The lead bar is a multifunctional training system that improves upper body performance. Now you can turn any door into your own gym in seconds. Its unique design includes door frames and levers, so you can use it without screws and without door damage.

security: through a steel bar, its diameter 1.18 tube "(3 cm) and 0.06" (150 mm). If properly installed, this bar can withstand up to 150 kg of weight, providing full support for drawing and chin.

adjustment: lifting the line is adjustable to fit any cause fierce 25.6 million - 33, 5 "(cm) is the standard and design in full operation in the home, in the gym, in a garage or office.

versatility of use: perfect the line to strengthen the upper body, restore and strengthen the muscles of the back, arms, shoulder and abs. You can use the bar for a variety of exercises, including pulling, bending, hanging, sitting and squeaks. You can also use it to do push-ups so your wrists don't get tense. With three different grip positions: narrow, wide, and neutral grip, you can change your routine and continue to work your muscles.

pharmacology comfortable: as the thickness of 5 mm, 3 layers of foam, absorb sweat, non-slip handle layer lining, extra provides a comfortable traction rod's hand, as far as possible to reduce fatigue.

easy: derrick installation is very easy to install. All you have to do is screw in the rubber limiter on the door frame and rotate the bar clockwise until the end of the frame squeezes the door frame.

Start with push-ups and push-ups to work your shoulders, arms, back and elbows. Place your bolt at the bottom so you can do deep push-ups with more freedom of movement without straining your wrists and working your triceps.

Three installation methods

Technical specification:

Materials: steel tube, EVA foam, rubber

Length :25.6 "-33.5" (65-85 cm)

Thickness :0.06 '(1 mm)

Diameter :1.18 '(3 cm)

Weight :54.3 ounces (1.54 kg)

Maximum load :150 kg

Color: blue + gray

Assembly instructions:

Step 1: fix the screw to the rubber limiter on the door frame.

Step 2: rotate the bar clockwise until the end of the bar is pushed against the door frame.


1. This rule applies to the width of the door: 25.6-33.5 (65-85 cm).

2. Maximum load :LBS 330(150 kg)

3. Don't install on glass walls.

4. Check and make sure the bar is safe before practicing.