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Banana Peel Hideaway

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Never fear your cat being unhappy & bored again!

Provide your beloved cat with a place for optimal comfort to call its own with the super cute Banana Peel!
It's an adorable, colorful bed that looks like a real banana, makes them feel safe and warm. It's plush and roomy, your cat is guaranteed to enjoy this bed.

The Banana Peel?is a warm and?cozy safe haven for your cat. With a thick and soft inner cushion for maximum comfort, your cat will think this bed is just?purr-fect!

  • Over-Grooming:?A bored cat will often repeatedly lick, pull out fur, or chew at her skin, resulting in irritation
  • Fighting with other pets:?If your cat suddenly starts fighting with other household pets, she might need more attention or activity
  • Destructive behavior:?Bored cats will often create their own version of stimulation - which may include scratching furniture or destroying curtains
  • Overeating:?Bored cats eat as something to do, even if they aren't hungry. This can cause obesity and depression?

This product is PetCareClub? Exclusive - Not sold in stores!


??STIMULATES: A purrfect way to stimulate your cat, keeping away all the negatives they do when bored and lack of stimulation.
?PET-FRIENDLY:?Eco-friendly short plush fabric, non-toxic, odor-free, breathable and wear-resistant.
??SEMI-OPEN LID DESIGN:?Semi-open Lid designed, give your pet a private and cozy place.
??CUTE BANANA SHAPE: Adorable banana shape designed, looks like a really big banana.?It's so soft and roomy, your cat is guaranteed to enjoy this bed.

??WASHABLE: Yes, it is washable. We recommend to wash it by hand, to keep the shape as good as possible. If you want to wash it in the washing machine, do it gently.

Feature Size:
M: 68*25*18cm/25.5*9.8*7 inches -?11lbs/5kg (Kitten or small Cat)
XL: 90*30*20cm/35.5*11.8*7.9 inches -?44lbs/20kg (Kitten, Small, Normal or Big Cat)

When in doubt, choose the larger size

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