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Automatic Spin Mop Cleaner

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 Sweeping and mopping the house always brings a lot of fatigue and frustration.

You will have to change and wash mop pads when dirty with your hands several times at a time to clean the floor.. Not anymore. Now You have the Automatic Spin Mop Cleaner - Pro Cleaning System! Compact, Lightweight, User-Friendly and EFFECTIVE.  Now, sweeping and mopping can be done in one run!



  • Easy Washing Easy Drying: Our revolutionary self-cleaning system makes sure that the dirt from your floor is lifted away and never comes back. Less work-intensive than a spin mop or spray mop, and drastically reduce chemical and water use while cleaning more effectively.
  • Wet or Dry Usage: Perfect for home, kitchen, bathroom, office, corner cleaning. Use wet for a deep clean or use dry for dusting floors, ceilings, windows, and other surfaces.
  • Microfiber Duster Mop Pads: Ultra-fine woven microfiber head that more effective lifts dirt and retains water than cotton or disposable spray mop refills. 
  • High-quality Build: Heavy duty bucket and stainless-steel mop handle will not rust stains, unbreakable, long time life.


    With design double chamber buckets (one wet bucket and one dry bucket) make mopping easier and faster. THE UNIQUE, EASY ONE-handed cleaning system removes dirt and water from the mop without the need to rotate or squeeze! The Lightweight and low-profile mop handle is designed for easy cleaning and getting into hard-to-reach spaces.. Amazing Or Nah?

    The Automatic Spin Mop Cleaner - Pro Cleaning System is light, ergonomic and is less work-intensive than nearly every mop on the market. Virtually eliminate cross-contamination during janitorial tasks, and drastically reduce chemical and water use while cleaning more effectively.


    • Clever Clean mop heads effectively gather and hold dust, grit, and grime. In addition, microfiber resists staining, so your mop continues to look fresh. 
    • The mop head rotates 360° and gives great maneuverability and allows you to clean under furniture lower. 
    • Features splash guard to keep splash and spills inside the bucket when wringing. 
    • Great for cleaning any surface including hardwood, marble, laminate, ceramic tile, and more.


      • Color: White and Blue.
      • Bucket Dimensions:13.7" L x 15.7" H x 9.5" W
      • Stainless-steel handle Dimensions: 23.6" x 50.4" L


      • 1 x Mop.
      • 1 x Bucket. 
      • 4 x Professional Microfiber Mop Head.
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