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Anti-Abrasion Barefoot Socks

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Let your feet and toes enjoy freedom of movement all the time! Keep the body balanced during any sports while maximizing your performance with our HPPE Anti-Abrasion Barefoot Socks, which have a low coefficient of friction.
Made of HPPE material, our abrasion resistant barefoot socks are 15 times stronger than steel, which can effectively block the sharp blades from cutting the feet, making them the best companion for outdoor enthusiasts.
Adapted advanced Micro-Fiber Technology, our barefoot socks accelerate perspiration to wick sweat rapidly without compromising the water repellent feature, keeping your feet dry and comfortable in all kinds of extreme and harsh environments.


  • Enhance Sports Performance
    Low coefficient of friction of fabric
    enhances the running performance while the silicone tips at the bottom ensures a firm grip on ground at any time.
  • Complete Feet Protection
    Made of the strongest fiber in the world which is cut and abrasion resistant. Ultra high tensile strength which is 15 times stronger than steel.
  • Super Lightweight
    The best experience for long-distance runners as they barely feel anything on feet.
  • High Thermal Conductivity
    Allows heat transferring away from sweaty feet and cools them down significantly as soon as you start sweating.
  • Hydrophobic Surface
    Our barefoot socks are water repellent and dry fast, which gain nearly no weight when the socks get wet, keeping your feet dry and comfortable in all kinds of extreme and harsh environments.
  • Breathable & Anti-Bacteria
    Highly moisture and perspiration permeable eliminating 99% of the bacteria and fungi.


  • Material: HPPE(High Performance Poly Ethylen)
  • Color: As shown in picture
  • Size: Free

Package Includes

1 Pair x HPPE Anti-Abrasion Barefoot Socks