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4-Port USB Hub

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Nowadays, laptops are made to be lightweight and look elegant, with only one to two USB ports. There is not much left when one port already taken up by the mouse / keyboard. Desktops usually have more USB ports. But, desktops are often placed at locations where the USB ports are hard to access (back of the computer / below the table).

This 4-Port USB Hub provides 4 USB ports with a 1-meter (about 3.3 feet) extension line. It turns 1 port into 4 and let your computer achieve more. The long extension line also lets you access those hard-to-reach port behind a desktop or below a table.

It allows charging of three devices at the same time and supports multiple devices, for example:

  • Mobile phone, tablet
  • USB memory stick, portable external hard disk
  • Printer
  • USB-powered fan, household securities camera
  • Mouse, keyboard, and more


  • Turn one of your computer's USB ports into 4 for your device charging and data management.
  • Supports multiple devices, such as mobile phone, tablet, USB memory stick, portable external hard disk, printer, USB-powered fan, and more.
  • Quick Sync - High transfer speed up to 480Mbps.
  • Extension line helps reach those port behind the computer / under the table.
  • Nice decoration on the desk and a nice gift.
  • Space-saving design.
  • Lightweight and portable - Perfect for static use and on-the-go.
  • Advanced circuit design for stable data transfer, overheating protection and overload protection.


1 x  USB Hub