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29" Club Cardio Adjust Exercise Stepper

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This is the aerobic pedal which can sculpt your entire body step by step with the step workout system. The step workout is a simple but highly effective way to work not only your buttocks and legs, but also your cardiovascular system and upper body as well.

The aerobic step has a nonslip surface and can support up to 550 pounds. Its height can adjust from 4" - 6" - 8" and you can choose one height as you want. This item is small and only need a little space for storage.

If you are looking for an aerobic pedal like that, don't hesitate to buy it.

Heavy duty platform

Convenient for storage

Lightweight and easy to carry and assemble

Optional for regular home use and work out classes

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use

Provides excellent traction on any floor

Shock absorbing, non-stick, non-slip surface Height can adjust from 4" - 6" - 8" Max weight capacity can reach 500 lbs

Convenient for storage Easy to use, no assembly required

Simple and convenient to use the item and it fits people who do not want to go out for exercising